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Gee, Don, are you just noticing that the NMRA is fifty years behind
in updating their standards and recommended practices, and that many
of the ones they established way back in the last century are
routinely ignored by manufacturers? Periodically, a new NMRA
standards chairman is appointed and a vigorous program to upgrade
standards and RPs is announced. Then nothing happens. Meanwhile,
NMRA membership and attendance at national conventions steadily
diminishes. NMRA standards? As the French say, it is to laugh.

You are correct. NMRA S&RPs are up to 50 years old and need to be
revised. My problem is finding people who are knowledgable, willing and
able to do the revisions. Our volunteers do run out of energy after a
few years and want to get back to doing just modeling. Therefore, we
need new people that have built up a head of steam and are willing to

Therefore, I challenge you and everyone else on this list to do a
critcal review of the Standards and Recommended Practices. Throw darts
at them, make changes in red, and send them to me.

The manufacturers association, HMA, wants to become more involved with
NMRA to revise the S&RPs. Your critical reviews will be very helpful in
this endeavor. Turn your complaints into honest and helpful suggestions.

I am listening.

Didrik Voss, MMR
Manager, S&C Dept.

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