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Thank you!

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Hi folks,

The type 21 8,000gal tank cars; were they commonly seen in the 50's?

Yes, many of them lasted in revenue service through the 1960s and
some into the '70s.

if so, would a Texaco fuel distributor receive cars with GATX, UTLX or
SHPX markings or would they use their own cars? Thanks!

A Texaco distributor would have received products either in TCX cars
or in GATX cars. Texaco sold their tank car fleet to General
American in the '30s and after that GATC operated their cars for them
under lease. Also, after World War II, GATC gradually absorbed the
TCX cars into the GATX fleet, so the later in the '50s you model, the
more likely that the cars would be GATX rather than TCX. And it
would be very unlikely for a Texaco distributor to have products
delivered in UTLX or SHPX cars, as UTLX still had strong ties to the
Standard Oil companies and SHPX was the leasing subsidiary of General
American's prime competitor in the tank car business, American Car &

Richard Hendrickson

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