Photos needed

Schuyler Larrabee


I've done at least some of the requisite pre-request-here web crawling at the usual suspect sites,
but have failed to uncover some photos I'd like to see for the purposes of guidance on weathering.
(I suppose I might as well join the Steam era weathering site . . .).


I have a Kadee CGW 700 black covered hopper, silver lettering on black carbody. Pretty snazzy in
showroom condition, but I'm sure they didn't stay that way. It's a 1955 car, so I want to do
minimal weathering, but don't want people to have to use sunglasses to ward off the glare . . . it's
this car:

And I have a IM C&O two-bay covered hopper, also black. It's not at my fingertips (where the heck
IS that thing?) which I want to weather a bit also. Someone recently wrote something to the effect
that the weathering from carrying gypsum was the reason the C&O shifted to painting these cars gray.
What I find on Fallen Flags is a lot of yellow cars, not so much gray. It's this car:

Can anyone direct me to some in-service cars that I can use as a guide? Thanks.

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