Re: making the case for self-tapping screws

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What has "making the case for self-tapping screws" got to do with the NMRA?
PLEASE change the subject line.

Roger Robar


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Prior to earlier this year, Standards had to be approved by the NMRA
membership and RPs were approved by the BOD. Approving changes to Standards
did take up to two years. However, RPs changes could be approved every 6
months since the BOD met every 6 months. This has now changed. Changes for
both Standards and RPs are now approved by the BOD which means they also can
be updated and approved every 6 months. Changes to Standards will be
published in Scale Rails so members can review and provide comments before
approved by the BOD.

The problem now is to get the manufacturers to agree to the changes. Without
manufacturer concurrence, changes to Standards will make no sense. Your
problem with DCC terminology changes was probably due to the manufacturers
not responding in a timely fashion and not the delays caused by the NMRA
bureaucracy. Maybe you could provide me with additional information off list
that would help me understand where the problem lays.


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Our volunteers do run out of energy after a
few years and want to get back to doing just modeling.<

Here is the problem, at least as I see it. A few years is just too long
to change things. DCC can change without a membership vote, as I understand
it, but even then it's seems to take a year or more. Talking to a cell
phone rep the other day (we use many of those components in our decoders)
his comment was that phones change every 6 months or less. This means the
parts (and probably the software) change in that time period.
Changes need to occur much faster than the NMRA seems to be able to
react. Maybe all specifications should be taken away from a membership vote
(however that could be done) and allow those volunteers see their work take
place in a reasonable time period.
I'm sure you would get more volunteers if they could see something
happen with all their hard work. I know I tried with some DCC terminology
some time ago. Lots of emails and compiling information and when presented
I received an email that said "what's wrong with it now". Of course that
ended my work in that area.

Jon Miller
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