1950 ORER

Michael Aufderheide


I'm a member of the STMFC group and have enjoyed your posts on the
breakdown of car construction and quantities. I have a printout of a
file I believe you posted of the 1950 ORER that I have been taking
notes on. I am unable to find this files electronic source however.
Could you e-mail it to me directly?

Based on the Gilbert/Nelson idea of boxcar distribution it should be
possible to come up with a list of cars most likely to appear at a
given time and place. My goal is to parce through the list and come
up with a list of must-have cars. For example there were about
714,000 boxcars total in 1950. I want to have a 200 boxcar fleet on
my layout so I need to know which cars represented at least 3,570
cars or 0.5% of the total. I've done the work by hand and want to
add it to the spreadsheet. Hopefully there are some questions that
the STMFC group can help with and those who would find this useful.

Best Regards,

Mike Aufderheide

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