Re: "Blister panel" terminology

Dennis Storzek

--- In STMFC@..., Martin McGuirk <mjmcguirk@...> wrote:

Can anyone point to a definitive industry (not model railroad) term
for "blister panels" - the bulging panels used on some hopper cars???

I've heard the term "offset panels" used but can't find a verifiable
source for the real name.

Should have picked up the hopper car history book when I had the
chance . . .



There was, IIRC, only one supplier of these, Union Metal Products
which later became part of Standard Railway Equipment Manufacturing
Co., so I would suspect what they called them was their proper name. I
have in my files two pages copied out of the CBC, 1940 I believe, and
they are titled "Paneled side with bulbed angle stakes as applied to a
50-ton hopper car", and, "Paneled sides with integral stakes as
applied to a 50-ton hopper car." The Accurail car models the later.
Lacking any further information, I'd say the proper name is "paneled


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