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I was up in Seattle last year and took some photos of a reefer (unknown type to me) at the
Snoqualmy(sp?) railroad museum that has a Royal F brake regulator. I posted them in a
folder in the photos section named Royal Brake Regulator but are being approved by the
moderators. There are 4 photos all together. 3 showing up close shots of the device itself
and mounting brackets and one of the reefer. I suppose different railroads mounted them
differently but it seems to be in a fairly standard arrangement.

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Hello everyone,

I'm looking for photos of the Royal Brake Regulator as used on some
Santa Fe and Burlington boxcars. The cars in question are ATSF 138700-
139199, class Bx-44, and CBQ 17000-17799, class XM-32b. I think I've
found the patent drawings for the brake regulator, but I'd like some
photos to see how they were installed.

Mark Heiden

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