Re: Boxcab steam (was segue to CN steel auto box cars...)

B.T. Charles

The Union Freight Line in Boston used Climax steam dummies until the 44 tonners were

Romi Romano

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Hi William and list members,

So then this is really a small steam engine disguised in a
trolley-like carbody? I think I get it now. The wneels have
counterweights and a place to mount a connecting rod, and I think I
see a tiny steam cylinder for the main drive... also a

Thanks - Claus

These boxcab engines, I believe, were built to disguise most of the
working parts when used within cities and places where they were
likely to come into close contact with horses and horse-drawn wagons
where the motion of exposed machinery would be likely to spook the
horses. This was as well as making them look more like vehicles the
horses were more familiar with and less likely to spook for that
reason as well

Tim Barney

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