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Donald B. Valentine <riverman_vt@...>

Well, guys, I've heard of all sorts of brake staffs and brake
wheels both on and off this list, some steam era and some not, but
I've never heard of a musician named "coalporter". Cole Porter
certainly but "coalporter" no. Perhaps it depends on where one
learned to spell and whom they had for a teacher. <VBG> I'm with
both of you "In the Still of the Night" but Tony, if you need good
layout backround music how about some Jimmie Rodgers or J.J. Cale!
Jimmie Rodgers is certainly steam era and you could even try the
Jimmie Rodgers Festival in Meridian, MS this summer to get you better
acquainted. As for J.J. Cale some thirty years ago Railfan's Jim Boyd
put together a great slide show with J.J. Cale background music that
worked out very well and really added to the presentation.

Just some thoughts to keep your ears happy, Don Valentine

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Tom Madden wrote:
Guess it must be a generational thing. Being a senior citizen, I
assumed the original question was about brake wheels on vertical
staffs that stood above the roof walk . . .
And you were right, as we subsequently learned.

But then, when someone at the club wants to talk about
coalporters, I
start humming "In the Still of the Night", and aluminum-bodied
cars never enter my mind.
If the reference to a certain 20th century composer in that last
sentence eludes you, you really do need to broaden your horizons.
Being perhaps a different sort of senior citizen than Tom,
read that song title and started humming the Five Satins' great doo-
tune of the same name from 1956 . . . one of the few things that
dissatisfy me about my chosen 1953 modeling date is that it's
pre-rock 'n' roll, so I can't use such songs as layout background.
shouldn't. <g>

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