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Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

Replacing wheels in CV trucks is pretty straight forward, but perhaps
not a straight forward as one might wish. I have replaced CV wheels
with Reboxx and some ball bearing wheels in perhaps 30 or so truck
pairs over the years. I have had a very few distintegrate as Jack
Burgess describes, but to a surprisingly low number, given their age
and composition. I suspect that he received his cache of trucks from
a single bad batch.

Because of casting variations (or inherent variations in the casting
patterns), the best wheel set pairs can vary, even within one single
truck. The other "odd man out" is that George Hook, who founded CV
had his own ideas about bearing holes, and they are of a steeper angle
than the time honored industry standard of about 15ยบ. Nevertheless,
replacing the wheels can be very rewarding, and you can end up with a
fine running truck.

Now, regrettably, although I have converted a number of the CV
archbars, for reasons mysterious to me, I have never recorded on THIS
computer just what the ideal Reboxx replacements were, and how they
performed. I believe that the data may be at home (I am at the moment
fully sated with a heavenly Crayfish Etoufee dinner consumed in a
slightly raffish Savannah, GA waterfront restaurant. Sorry, fellas).

Now, I am getting out my Speedo, my muscle shirts, and my stick-on
tattoos so that I can arrive in style at Cocoa Beach tomorrow.


Denny S. Anspach MD

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