Re: [SSPM] Next 2 S scale kits will be ... - underframe photos


I have posted photos, including underframes, of existing M-53, M-15NA,
and M-15PD cars at

. The photos were taken at Parrish FL. The cars have since been
moved to Willow FL.

John Cantlay

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Jeff, Jim,

M-53 and subclasses had the Duryea underframes.

M-15K used the original underframe from the cars they were rebult
from. In 1955 and 1956, they were again rebuilt with new underframes
(or at least new center sills) and reclassed to M-15N, NA, and P.

John King

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At this late date I have to assume you have already settled the
question of whether the "B&O wagontop" will be an M-15k or an M-
While these two cars look very similar, and still completely
different from anything else, they were nonetheless quite different
from each other.

Without looking up the details, I'm not sure if the M-15k had
underframes. They were rebuilds of pre-WWOne cars, so their
underframes, even if equipped with Duryea, were completely
from the M-53. The most visible difference was the appearance of
side sills.

Jeff English
Troy, New York

"Jim King" <jimking3@> wrote:

The next (2) S scale resin kits . in order of appearance . will
be a B&O
wagontop box (maybe with the Duryea underframe) and the SAL B7
"turtleback" roof box. All of the info required to CAD-model
both card is
in my hands, so it's just a matter of time to devote to design as
to when
these will be available. The B&O car will be available in late
March; the SAL car in late April/early May. The B&O car will
include both
door styles (Creco and Youngstown) to cover the majority of the

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