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adrian hundhausen wrote:
Fine, Anthony, thank you for the clarification. And perhaps you could help me out here. I have been looking for a list of the Private Car Lines run by Armour in the era just before the 1902-
onwards period . . .
Among the lines absorbed by Armour by 1895 were Continental Fruit Express; the Goodell Line; Kansas City Fruit Express; Fruit Dealers Despatch; California Fruit Express; and Fruit Growers Express. These were larger operations, and there were about a dozen smaller ones also absorbed in 1895. I don't have all my research notes from the PFE book handy or I would list the entire group.

And by the way, I stole the term Beef Trust from White's reefer book and I believe he used it to refer to Armour.
Perhaps you did, but I can't find it in my copy of the Great Yellow Fleet. Can you be more specific?

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