Smoky Mountain Model Works To Do B&O Wagontop in S Scale!


Jim, wonderful news! Paul S.

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The next (2) S scale resin kits . in order of appearance . will be a B&O
wagontop box (maybe with the Duryea underframe) and the SAL B7 "turtleback"
roof box. All of the info required to CAD-model both card is in my hands,
so it's just a matter of time to devote to design as to when these will be
available. The B&O car will be available in late Feb/early March; the SAL
car in late April/early May. The B&O car will include both door styles
(Creco and Youngstown) to cover the majority of the revenue years.

These kits have no negative effect on the planned GE 70-tonner project,
which has been delayed due to motor availability problems (since resolved).

Target retail prices for both kits is $80 each, including trucks, couplers
and decals.

Jim King

Smoky Mountain Model Works, Inc.


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