Re: Steam Era Box Cars Yahoo Group?

Tim O'Connor

Thanks Don. It's nice to know at least one person knows
how to read group descriptions.

The "box cars" group was created at a time when Yahoo
was very restrictive on storage space for photos, data
files, etc. There's no reason to delete the group, but
it's still only there for sharing data and photos.

I got my cable service restored today, after losing it
for almost 4 weeks due to an ice storm. Hopefully the
next ice storm won't be so dreadful. Florida is looking
better every day...

Tim O'Connor
Steam Era Box Cars owner

If you look at the lead page of the group it also says:

Group for sharing photographs, drawings or other other documentation of
steam era railroad box cars, i.e. box cars built before 1960. This is not a
discussion group. Members may upload JPEG or GIF photos to the FILES or
PHOTO areas. Larger files may be deleted in order to conserve space. When
space runs low, files will be removed according to their age (the oldest are
deleted first).

Before uploading files, please create a FOLDER for yourself with your name.
Then upload your files into your FOLDER. Thanks and enjoy sharing!

So I can see why there are no postings, something about it not being a
discussion group!

Don Burn

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