Re: Tichy's D&H single-sheathed, cement-service box cars

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I have had my eye on these kits but haven't purchased any yet. I
would ask what era would these cars be correct for in cement
service? I am modeling in October 68 and my railroad is an eastern
Pennsylvania coal hauler.

Happy Model Railroading,
Jim Krapf
Modeling the CNJ L&S Div from Treichlers to Mauch Chunk during
October 1968

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From the information I have seen, you would probably be safe in using
these cars in a '68 scene. Mainline Modeler in February 1985 has an
article on the cars by S. P. McDuff and he indicates that even after
their regular period of usage for cement, D & H put them to use for
transporting and storing locomotive traction sand - as of the 1985
Bob Gangwish

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