Atlas '32 AAR Box - new models - "May 2009" arrival


Just received the Atlas e-mail update. The January 2009 announcements
include 6 new paint schemes and 3 "body styles" to include Murphy,
Viking, and "11 panel flat riveted roofs", each with different ends.

Road names are CofG (a 60's paint scheme), Erie in both 1932 and 1947
paint (primarily different size heralds), Lousiana and Arkansas,
Seaboard "Orange Blossom Special", and what I think is a 1930's UP
scheme. Roof and ends are not noted in the text, but the keen eyes in
this group can probably discern this from the artwork - assuming it is
accurate. If it isn't, there may be time to set Atlas straight?

All three body styles also will be offered undecorated.

Looks like Atlas is coming through on their promise to offer many car
configurations and schemes.

Four of the schemes fit my WWII era, assuming a few UP boxcars would
still be out there without the yellow script messages on the side
("Route of the streamliners"?).

Well done Atlas.

Price TBA. Now that the dollar has rebounded, and plastic is cheap
once again, does anyone think the price may actually drop? ;-(

Dave Evans

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