Re: Stripping Trix UP boxcar

Tom Madden <tgmadden@...>

Rob Kirkham asked:

Tom, that's interesting as I have some of these cars to work on too.
I wonder about what temperature your ultrasonic cleaner raises the
temperature of the cleaning fluid to? I don't have one, but could
raise the temperature in other less sophisticated ways (in a closed
container - I don't think the fumes are a good idea to have around).
It was only warm - maybe 80 to 85 F. Ted's article is supposed to be in
the February RMC which should be showing up any day. I didn't do Cocoa
Beach this year so can't ask Ted if he has any particular hints, and I
suspect he and many of the STMFC "names" at Cocoa Beach are off-list
for the duration.

Tom Madden

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