Re: Loose coal in boxcars

Mark Mathu

That reminds me of a Lionel giraffe car!
My wife is a transit planner, and 15 years ago she worked on the
Milwaukee light rail system (never built - but when she transferred to
that project is when we met, so I guess every dark cloud has a silver
lining). Milwaukee was known for its annual circus parade and one of
the features was a giraffe which stuck it's head out of a hole in the
roof of a circus wagon, kind of like that Lionel car. The circus
parade route was on one of the light rail routes.

The light rail planners had to spend a little time determining what
the maximum design height of a giraffe sticking out of a circus wagon
would actually be... if a giraffe would have hit the planned 600-volt
line it would have been a public relations nightmare...

Mark Mathu
Whitefish Bay, Wis.

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