Re: 12 panel ATSF cars

charles slater

Rick the Bx-50 and Bx-53 class cars were riveted 12 panel cars. Also the Bx-51,60, 62 and 63 classes were also 12 panel riveted cars. The Bx-48's were also riveted except for that group of 10 cars you mentioned.
Charlie Slater
Bakersfield, Ca.

To: STMFC@...: Rdietrichson@...: Sun, 11 Jan 2009 19:50:28 +0000Subject: [STMFC] 12 panel ATSF cars

Hi all,I'm trying to determine if the side panels on all the classes of ATSFwere riveted or not.I know that a group of cars, (274740-274749), in the Bx-48 class hadwelded panels but I am unsure about the Bx-50 and Bx-53 cars and Ican't tell from the photos I have of these cars.Any help will be greatly appreciated.Rick DietrichsonWilmington, NC

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