Re: Prototype Rails-2009

rockroll50401 <cepropst@...>

I can't say that I can fully appreciate the efforts to put on such an
I can say I understand the time and thought it takes to put on a
presentation and I enjoyed those I attended. Bill Darnaby's had to
rank right up there at the top. Good subject matter and excellently
Biggest problem I had this year was the weather. It was perfect. I'm
afraid I spent time walking on the beach instead of attending clinics
in all time slots.

I do have a problem with the "Shake and Take" clinic. Greg Martin
along with Jim Singer, John Greedy and Doc Denny (and maybe others)
spend a great deal of time and their own money to put out a fine
unique kit. They allow for 25-30 participants, yet each year only to
have just a hand full of completed models brought back each year for
display. I would be discouraged with the meager results, but to those
guys's credit they are very upbeat and are busy planning next year's
I wasn't thinking, as usual, and just sat my Pennsy 50'er down with
Denny's without a name tag. So, the worst of the two was mine.

How 'bout IM's new 70T flat car? I asked what the prototype was and
was told it's coming in 4 road names! Their war emergency box cars
were a real surprise.
How many guys were able to pass Ted's display without picking up one
of those TN&O SS 40' DD box cars?

Clark Propst

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