Re: Prototype Rails-2009

Bruce Smith

On Jan 12, 2009, at 11:56 AM, rockroll50401 wrote:
How 'bout IM's new 70T flat car? I asked what the prototype was and
was told it's coming in 4 road names! Their war emergency box cars
were a real surprise.
The test shots of both new cars look nice. The laser cut wood decks on the 70t AAR flat were sweet, sitting down between the bolsters as they ought to. They have cast part of the car in metal to make it a little heavier, and easier to run empty or with light loads... mine will be getting some medium tanks! The 4 roads listed on the IM web page are New Haven, Erie, ATSF and B&O, but the prototype list is quite a bit longer, so I wonder when/if those will be run as well and of course, there is the potential of undec kits...

We noted in looking over the war emergency box cars that they had 3 different styles with road specific details including roofs and doors. Working from memory they included CNW, ATSF, NKP and ?

They also had the painted and lettered GN plywood box car on hand.


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