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Storey Lindsay

The Preface of the "Standard Tank Car Journeys" (ca 1920) states that it is
the sequel to "All About Tank Cars"


"Standard Tank Car Journeys" is a sequel to "All About Tank Cars."

The earlier book is a guide that should be at the elbow of every tank car
lessee and owner; it includes detailed specifications for all types of tank
cars, full information on mileage earnings and tank car accounting, the text
of the Master Car Builders and government requirements, and much other
detailed and general information one should have to secure the most
economical and satisfactory operation of cars.

"Standard Tank Car Journeys" takes in a broader field. It is a non-technical
account of the parts played in industry by the many commodities handled in
Standard Tank Cars and tank cars in general. It is presented as an
interesting and instructive treatise on the vital service of tank cars, with
the hope that each and all of us connected with
the wide and important employment of liquids in industry may gain a clearer
view of our functions as they are related to the work of the nation and the
world, and secure some larger measure of inspiration from our daily tasks.


I do not know whether "Standard Tank Car Journeys" (ca 1920) is the same as
"General American Tank Car Journeys" (ca 1931).

By the way, this volume is digitized and is available at

Storey Lindsay
Celje, Slovenia

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In my years of collecting such books, I have never come across a subsequent
volume. There is a 1920 edition of the Tank Car Journeys book. The 1931
edition is, by far, the superior of the two.

Best regards,


Charles Dean
Shelbyville, Kentucky

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Yesterday at my local used book store I picked up a copy of a 1931 book
called "General American Tank Car Journeys: Where Industrial Liquids Come
From and Where They Go."? It's a well-illustrated book with over two dozen
photos of GATC tank cars, including some unusual ones.? It is a listing of
chemicals, oils, etc. (everything from specific alcohols to specific fish
oils) and a description of the commodity, how it is made, and how it is
used.? Gives a lot of ideas on what industries could be expected to receive
or ship commodities in tank cars.? On the spine it says "Vol I."? I wonder
if there were additional volumes.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

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