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Aley, Jeff A wrote:
As usual, it was a lot of work and a lot of fun. Attendance was pretty good; we had 241 folks show up, down slightly from last year's ~275. Considering the state of the economy, I think this is pretty good.
Another excellent meeting. Those who've never put on one of these, or at least worked on a committee to do so, just don't realize how much time and sweat goes into that smoothly-running operation that you take for granted as an attendee.
The talks seem to get better every year, and as always, some just have to be skipped that we would all love to hear. Not sure if there IS an answer, but possibly starting at noon Thursday and maybe not always using every clinic room could help.
For those who haven't ever attended, give it some thought. It's as good a meeting on freight cars as you will find. Yes, Naperville is bigger but I really don't think it's truly better --
every bit as good, and I wouldn't miss it either, but not better.

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