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Charles Dean

The 1920/1921 "All About Tank Cars" was a book that I searched for with great anticipation over a few years. It was a major disappointment. I still have a couple of copies of it. The 1920 "Tank Car Journeys" book has brief chapters about the various commodities carried in tank cars... from various acids to whale oil, linseed oil, petroleum products, etc. It is deficient in tank car photos and it mostly decorated with small artist's illustrations. The 1931 edition is similar in format-- detailing many more products carried by tank cars-- and has photographs of many of the appropriate tank cars. The 1931 edition typically sells for around a $100 (depending on condition), the earlier 1920 edition runs about half that price. The "All About Tank Cars" can be found for around $35.

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I have the 1920 version of "Standard Tank Car Journeys." I am curious
what improvements are in the 1931 edition.

Standard Tank Car Company also put out a book "All About Tank Cars."
My edition is 1921. Could this title be the 'subsequent volume?'

Gene Green

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