Re: Prototype Rails-2009 - "Shake and Take"

Schuyler Larrabee

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From: Richard Brennan

This should be -easy- to fix:
Require 2009 attendees registering for the 2010 "Shake and Take" to
submit a photo of / and bring their 2009 clinic model.
My guess is that some additional seats would open-up...
Quite a few, I'd say. I was underwhelmed with the results. I had an unlettered one, because I had
a paint mishap, which will be fixed.

I'm hoping the Shake'n'Take crowd will be doing some checking in during the year to promote progress
on the kits. The '09 kit offers a lot of variations in paint and details, so it will be interesting
to see who does what.

I also liked Mont Switzer's coining of "Cocoakit" for these kits. But this is Greg's show, and
Shake'n'Take it is.


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