Re: Central Valley 5' Arch Bar trucks.

Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

Tim O' C. writes-

The problem with the "roll tester" is that it can't measure
how the trucks perform with a car on them.

On my workbench I have an incline and just let the car roll
as far as it can freely -- typically 5 to 7 feet for a good
free roller, 10 feet for an exceptional roller, and lesser
distances mean that it needs work.

What did you lube them with?
I am certain that Tim's solution works just fine, but it is more
cumbersome IMHO (I used the same method before purchasing the
Rolltester) . In my experience, the rolltester results are pretty
reproducible and track well enough to real operations, and the tester
itself is pretty compact. On occasion I also test trucks with attached
lead weight. I am surprised that only on occasion will the presence
or absence of weight make any significant difference.

I use LaBelle 108 as lubricant.


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