Re: X43C side sills

Gatwood, Elden J SAD


I am sure you are right, but I did not go into some of the issues I do not
have good enough info on. I do not know if the cross-bearers were beefed up
on the 8-foot door cars, or not (I suspect not), but the introduction of door
gussets, beefed-up side sills, and introduction of newer, heavier designs was
clearly a response to the perceived inadequacies of some of the lightweight
designs and other designs adopted earlier for use by the PRR. If most of
their box cars had spent their time hauling grain, these fixes may not have
ever been necessary.

Elden Gatwood


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I suspect the X43C's were also the worst because they had the widest doors (8
ft) and therefore the least longitudinal strength.


Andy Miller

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The X43 classes (X43 through X43C) were a disappointment to the PRR. They
rapidly exhibited sagging and cracking problems, necessitating these fixes.
The X43C was the worst, since they were often diverted into coil service and
other uses involving forklifts, that contributed to the problem.

. . .
Elden Gatwood
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