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Charlie Vlk

Bill and STMFC-

Welcome to the greater non-HO world....... you may, like Z, N, S, and O Scalers been doing for decades, have to approach an article for its inspiration, prototype information, and general modeling techniques.
We've had to learn to tolerate the endless (often assumed default) references to HO and HO product placement in the general magazines.

I would encourage the e-magazine to "publish" reference material that would otherwise never see the light of day....raw prototype source drawings (builders general arrangement and detail plans,
equipment diagrams, etc..).

Please forgo all the dazzling graphics and animation..... just because it can be done doesn't mean it should be. Don't use every font, special effect, and sound available. Chose Substance over Appearance. I believe (hope!!!) that Model Railroaders have better than average attention spans and don't have to be enticed by dazzle.... the trains should be enough. We already have "Slick" publications where Sales, Marketing and Graphics people decide the content of each month's issue. I'd rather see some rougher articles and photos of stuff that the author thinks is neet that conveys a passionate interst than the final, finished railroad of a rich or dead guy or some torn-down one. And I don't mind seeing unfinished portions of a layout or a cluttered basement in the background either..... that is the real world and I fear that the "perfect" railroads we see in print intimidate more than inspire.

While we have been getting some good Steam Era Freight Car coverage in the major magazines, the electronic format certainly allows presentation of any material that supports the article. A balance
will have to be determined where such information "belongs".... in e- or print magazines, in books, reference publications (RPC, etc.), and on forums such as this, or in railroad historical society bulletins or e-bulletins.

It is all good...the more information that is brought out into the public domain the better.... history is preserved best by dissemination, not being locked up in some archives or in a private collection in somebody's basement!

Charlie Vlk

If I have one constructive comment on the magazine, it would be that to my admittedly HO-biased mind most of the scale-specific articles seemed to be about N scale or (OK, it was an incredible layout) large scale. I realize that any hobby magazine - particularly a start-up - is limited by what articles they have submitted to them, so this is not meant as a condemnation. I hope that the editors will keep an eye out for more HO content in the future.

Bill Schneider

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