Re: Bruce Smith's boiler - was Prototype Rails 2009 -- my opinions

Tom Madden <tgmadden@...>

Jeff Aley:
In my later conversation with Ted Culotta, he indicated
that he didn't have that problem. Tom Madden noted that the
rivets are on Microscale decal film; perhaps you got a batch
with "old" film?
Bruce Smith:
It's possible, and I have a newer batch of rivets from Archer for
use on a pass... (can't say that word on this list <G>) car, so
I'll see how it goes.
Technology is rolling stock neutral, no need to be inhibited by being a
closet passenger car modeler. I routinely work with 8 to 10 scale foot
lengths of the smallest Archer rivets, laying single strips of them
across the width of Pullman clerestory roofs. Absolutely no problems
with the strips breaking up, in fact I straightem them out by pinning
one end of a strip to the roof edge with a tweezer tip and pulling
gently on the other end. Sounds like you got a bad sheet.

Tom Madden

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