Re: Model Rail Hobbyist - online magazine


I think early announcements and downloads were for registered
members. After that, there were to be no restrictions.

Jerry Glow

--- In, "Mark Plank" <tandocrr@...> wrote:

I was able to download the e-zine without registering - did I miss
a step I was supposed to do? I just clicked on the download link.

Mark Plank

----- Original Message -----
I am shaking my head in wonder....How can a start-up e-zine make
so difficult and cumbersome to simply view their publication? I
look at many online magazines, and having to register each time
seems to be an unnecessary roadblock which many don't require.
logged on, the 3 download options are all un- downloadable on my
year old computer! I guess that I am resigned to NEVER view what
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