Re: UP B-50-21 box car

Tom Madden <tgmadden@...>

Dean Payne wrote:

I would like to model a UP B-50-21 box car, ideally number 185245 (it
shows up in a photo of the last W&LE passenger train in July, 1938).
I've searched and can find no commercial offerings of this series. I
was hoping it would be one of the ACR boxcars built the same year, the
subject of the latest Essential Freight Cars, but those are B-50-22!
I searched the archives, a Red Caboose kit might work, but the B-50-21
used a welded underframe. The Speedwich underframe is correct for the
B-50-24/27 and B-50-30/32 cars, I wonder would it work for the
B-50-21? Are there any other detail changes that would be needed?
The B-50-21 is covered in Terry Metcalfe's book UNION PACIFIC FREIGHT
CARS 1936-1951. Several photos plus folio sheet. A photo of the welded
underframe, by Ryan Car Co., is in the April 1938 issue of RAILWAY
MECHANICAL ENGINEER as part of a larger article on the B-50-21. (That
from a photo caption in Terry's book.) The B-50-21 does _not_ have ACR
sides, but there are four rivets in the center of each side panel in a
widely spaced, staggered pattern. The square corner 10'-0" IH IMWX/RC
boxcar looks like the best starting point.

Tom Madden

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