Re: NSP coal hoppers

Ed Hawkins

On Jan 18, 2009, at 10:57 AM, Thomas Baker wrote:

During the 1950s did the Northern States Power Company have company
coal hoppers? If so, of what type? The NSP was big in the Twin Cities,
and as a boy I saw coal hoppers in near its plants but never any
company-owned cars.
The Northern States Power Co. bought 4 hopper cars from AC&F delivered
10-48 under lot 3307. The builder's photo was NSP 4517. The 70-ton
triple hopper cars were 38'-6" inside length, and all-welded
construction with offset sides and outside posts. The St. Louis
Mercantile Library has a bill of materials and photos of the car. I
didn't document the car number series of the 4 cars that were built or
any of the details in the bill of materials. I don't find the cars
listed in the ORER so presumably they were not interchanged.

The NSP cars used most of the same set of AC&F drawings and were
essentially identical to C&O, M-K-T, and Missouri Portland Cement
hopper cars built under lots 3266 (C&O 91000-93999), 3282 (M-K-T
40101-40300), 3294 (MOCX 314-363), and 3310 (C&O 94000-94999), 3379
(C&O 96000-97999), and 3404 (C&O 99000-99499).
Ed Hawkins

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