SC&F Tank Cars/response from jon

Jon Cagle <jscagle@...>

Jim Hayes Wrote" "The small rods on the under boards are locaters" Jim and all: Initially yes, but disregard. You don't really need these. ONce the "origami" has taken place with steps you can just glue them into place. I believe I over engineered the rod/pin/hole/placement. Jim you are fine in getting rid of the parts. It's much easier. As for the decals, initially the car is released with Spencer Kellog, other road names to follow. As for the web site: Yes, it's coming along. I am a pattern maker, not a web site designer, big hurdle for me to get over. Working on this. John Miller; disregard old web site and go with what the group is telling you. The 2 cars that are available are the 2 compartment car (GATX), and the 6 course Radial Car. $49.00 each, plus $7.50 shipping handling up to 3 kits. If you need lots of tanks, I offer a bakers dozen, buy 12 get 13. Of course it would have been much easier if you would have just shown up at Cocoa! Weather was great and great time was had by all. We expect you next year though, it will be Mike's 10th anniversary bash. I hear he is renting a Gulfstream III to fly around the country and pick people up. He got a bailout from the Gov't ! Thanks for the kind words. jonsc&f

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