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The CV hopper in the Model Railroad Hobbyist is based on a Bowser
model, and the author (Marty McGuirk) says that the thing that the
most significant thing that scream "Pennsy" are the tapered side
posts. I, on the other hand, find that the end sills look wrong,
deep and too tall, extending below the bottom of the side sills.
Another author (I searched for the article in RMC and couldn't find
it, maybe it was in MR) corrected the depth issue by sawing off and
reattaching the end sill, but it still extended below the level of
side sills. A quick measurement shows the end sills to be about 11"
tall, versus maybe 7.5" for the side member (rough measures, sorry!)
There are a number of non-USRA hoppers that could be modeled using
Bowser kit, including those manufactured by SSCC (and Cambria??) by
removing these Pennsy-specific details. I will try replacing the
sill with square styrene stock. I also see six grabs on my
that may (or may not) be more common with the PSCC/SSCC cars.
The article has re-kindled my interest in these cars, thanks!

Dean Payne
Hello Dean,

A number of us have looked at the Pennsy hopper for conversion to
both the earlier Rutland hoppers and the central Vermont hoppers.
Alas, it is at best a stand-in that for some will at least pass the
three foot rule but for others just doesn't make it.

Regards, Don Valentine

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