Re: PSCC hopper article in Model Railroad Hobbyist

Marty McGuirk

Dean, Glad you liked the article, and thanks for reminding me about
the MR article - I'll add a note referencing it to the next column. I
considered replacing/reworking the end sills but since my goal was a
string of cars to spot by the coaling tower I had to make a choice -
with a large layout to build hopper cars are just one "piece of the
puzzle." I still think when the GLAs are viewed from the side the
tapered posts are certainly the most "Pennsy" specific spotting feature.

Don, it's true, these are compromises - a point I made in the article
- but at this point they represent the most logical starting point for
modeling the CV's 20000-series cars if the goal is several of these in
the context of a layout.


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