Re: UP B-50-21 box car

Tom Madden <tgmadden@...>

The new RMC with Ted's UP boxcar article arrived right after I posted
last Saturday. Ted describes the welded Ryan underframe on the B-50-
21 in considerable detail, and the only change he mentions as he goes
through the various classes is the addition of a second stringer on
either side of the center sill effective with the B-50-24. The welded
underframe with two stringers on each side of the center sill is the
one Ted offers as a separate kit, and with his Speedwitch B-50-38/39
box car kits. The four-stringer underframes were built by Mt. Vernon
Car Co., and there are drawings and top & bottom photos in the 1940
CBC, pp 392-393. There's also a photo of that underframe on page 19
of the Metcalfe book.

Tim mentioned welded ends on the B-50-21. The folio drawing in the
Metcalfe book references drawings for both welded and riveted ends.
Given that the first 900 were built at Omaha, the next 900 at Albina
and the last 100 at Omaha, could there have been both riveted and
welded ends used on the B-50-21's??

I'll see if the Colorado Museum Library has the April 1938 RAILWAY
MECHANICAL ENGINEER when I go in on Wednesday. If they do, I'll
compare photos of the Ryan and Mt. Vernon underframes. You'd think
the shapes of the tops of the crossties should differ because of the
number and location of stringers, but it would certainly be useful if
Ted's welded underframe could be used for the B-50-21. After all,
there were 1900 of them.

Tom Madden

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