Re: UP B-50-21 box car

Richard Hendrickson

On Jan 19, 2009, at 11:06 AM, Tom Madden wrote:

Tim mentioned welded ends on the B-50-21. The folio drawing in the
Metcalfe book references drawings for both welded and riveted ends.
Given that the first 900 were built at Omaha, the next 900 at Albina
and the last 100 at Omaha, could there have been both riveted and
welded ends used on the B-50-21's??

Tom, I have several photos showing B-50-21s with riveted ends:
184715, 185652, and 185679, all built at Albina; and a string of
brand new cars, 184595, 184596, et. seq., built at Omaha in 1938.
This suggests (though doesn't prove) that the cars with welded ends
may have been some or all of the 184000-184899 series built at Omaha
in 1937.

Richard Hendrickson

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