Re: Model Rail Hobbyist

Rod Miller

My iMac runs 10.1.11 and there was no issue in
downloading or viewing MRH. I had to download
Acrobat Reader, and then everything went
smoothly. I was quite surprised.

Maybe there are functional differences between
the PowerPC Mac OS and the Intel Mac OS even
though the version is the same.


Anthony Thompson wrote:

Nolan Hinshaw wrote:
Adobe reader 9 works fine with OSX 10.4.11; perform a software update of Tiger rather than an upgrade to Leopard
HELLO . . . OS 10.4 actually IS Tiger, and the latest version that exists for PowerPC Macs is 10.4.11, which is what I have. Reader 9 may WORK with this OS, but it cannot open MRH in this OS. One of these days no doubt I'll upgrade to Leopard, and won't miss MRH in the meantime.
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