Re: Navy 1.5 steel door 50 foot boxcar

Rod Miller

Apparently these or similar cars were used for
ammunition transport. I conclude that after
seeing a string of them on display in Fallon,
NV, which is just off the SP Thorne branch
(still in operation) that severed the Hawthorne
ammuntion depot (exact name UNK).

There is a very nicely preserved one sitting
on the Dumbarton main line (now OOS) in Menlo
Park, CA. It is owned by FEMA and used to
transport equipment if rail transport is


gary laakso wrote:
The first picture in the first set of miscellanous rolling
stock is a 50ft steel box, USNY 4436, with Superior 1.5 doors. No
date or location is provided for the photo. It appears to be a
clone of the Central of Georgia car that Speedwitch just started
producing, albeit with different style doors. Can anyone confirm
my review?
gary laakso
south of Mike Brock
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Here is a small group of good quality steam era photos.
Miscellaneous rolling stock:
Santa Fe rolling stock (not all freight):
SP rolling stock (not all freight):
UP rolling stock (not all freight):
Walt Lankenau
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