Re: Resin kit problems...

Tim O'Connor

Shriveled resin?? That's a new one. Where do you store
your unbuilt kits?

I've heard horror stories about decals too, but I've
used many 20+ year old decals without problems. I keep
them stored cool & dry.

I was discussing resin kits yesterday with a couple of fellow
STMFC'ers. Talk centred around the use of various resins for model
kits, and their relative stability.
Several years ago I bought a styrene B&M ARA steel boxcar ("X-29") kit
(Red Caboose) that came with resin castings of the distinctive doors
used on these cars. The doors were made of yellowish resin, painted to
match the car. When I finally got around to assembling the kit, the
resin doors had shriveled and distorted. (IIRC, this kit was marketed
by a third party, which made the resin parts.)

Now, I'm afraid to take a look at the many unbuilt resin kits in my
stash. They're probably all more than ten years old.

Walt Lankenau

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