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Most inexpensive film conversions look fast because the number of
frames per second in film does not match the number of frames per
second in video. 16mm was shot in 24, 32, and 48 frames per second.
Your local movie theater uses 24 frames per second. When footage shot
at 24 frames is converted for US style television (60 frames per
second) each film frame is either repeated 2.5 times to produce 60
fields per second (expensive) or simply repeated for 2 frames (less
expensive, more primitive) which means the images are sped up so that
1 minute of film only lasts 48 seconds on video.

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Getting pretty far off topic, but US NTSC video is nominal 30 frames
per second (more accurately 29.97fps - the crap crammed into my head
being a cable head-end technician astounds me I can remember anything
else). A frame-by-frame transfer would then be either 1.2x, 15/16x,
or 15/24x normal speed depending on original fps. In an effort to get
back on topic however, the videos original poster seems to have quite
a collection of old steam-era PRR videos posted on YouTube, including
some promotional stuff showing lots of our favorite era's finest examples.

Tim Barney

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