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Elden - that's the Susquehana!

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Tim is right; it sure looks like Enola. The Juniata River in the back is the

The conditions of the engines and age of autos in a few shots indicates it is
probably somewhere in the '55-'56 range.

Notably, the condition of both PRR engines and especially freight cars is
terrible. Other roads' are not nearly as bad. The PRR cars are horribly

I also love the shot of the Hippo spinning its wheels trying to push that
string of loaded gons!

Elden Gatwood


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appears to be Enola yard (Harrisburg PA)

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Here's a youtube video I stumbled upon this morning --
<> >> -- that is
taken at a PRR yard somewhere. It is in color. The person doing the
filming was shooting the steam locomotives but occasionally a freight car
gets in his way and, well, there it is. There are a pair of PM gons w/
auto frames seen early in the video, some odds and ends that creep into the
frame, a BREX Reefer, Hooker Tankcar, and several boxcars moving being cut
off at the top of a hump yard at the end. It's short, kinda interesting.
Not memorable but I enjoyed it.

Dave Nelson

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