New PRR flat car book


New book about PRR flatcars (I received mine in the mail yesterday):

"Pennsylvania Railroad Flat Cars, Revenue & Work Equipment, 1881 to
1968" by Elden Gatwood & Al Buchan

It's a 118 page book with lots of really well reproduced photos.
There's a lot of body and captions too, but I haven't got to reading
that yet. Many of the photos show loads, something that can transfer
over to modelers interested in other railroads. It's of particular
interest to those of us who've bought the various PRR brass
depressed, well, and heavy duty flats over the years. It is an
excellent complement to the series on modeling these cars that has
appeared in the Pennsy modelers on-line magazine.

If you like odd cars, Pennsy cars, flat cars, I recommend this book.

It's published by the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical
Society and is available through them.


Edward Sutorik

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