modeling cable on a crane

Ned Carey <nedspam@...>

I have a Barnhart log loader (a type of crane) that I am working on. Does anyone have a good suggestion for what to use to model the cable?

I bought some thread for model ship building but was disappointed. Despite the description, it had fuzz. Apparently modelers use beeswax to cut down on the fuzz but that seems like it would make it look even less like a cable.

I also thought of using some fine gauge wire, excess from a dcc decoder for example, and strip off the insulation. While this gives a good look, my fear is the slightest jostling and the cable will get visible kinks.

Part of the problem is the "hook", actually more of a tong, is very light. This means there is very little weight to pull the cable tight.

This must be a common problem for anyone who has modeled a crane. Any suggestions? Is there a group specifically for modeling MOW


Ned Carey

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