New Intermountain Cars


Several of the Cocoa Beach/RPM posts mentioned prototypes of two new
IM cars - a 70t AAR flat, and a War Emergency box.

IM's site now lists 4 of the flats scheduled for May/Jun delivery, in
roads ATSF, B&O, Erie and New Haven.

My '43 ORER only shows the Erie flats (50 cars). Was this car produced
in quantity during WWII, or was it primarily a post war car (in
numbers produced). Does anyone know if the ATSF, B&O, and New Haven
bought these flats during'43 & '44?

For the War Emergency Box cars, Ted Culotta's Steam Era Freight Car
Reference Manual Vol I shows several of these cars starting on pg.
161. Most of the production runs cited are in the 100-500 car range,
and the majority seem to be PS built in '44. Is there a source that
describes the quantities of these cars in more detail?

Thanks for any help - trying to balance a WWII fleet.

Dave Evans

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