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Bruce Smith

On Jan 22, 2009, at 8:41 AM, devansprr wrote:

Several of the Cocoa Beach/RPM posts mentioned prototypes of two new
IM cars - a 70t AAR flat, and a War Emergency box.

IM's site now lists 4 of the flats scheduled for May/Jun delivery, in
roads ATSF, B&O, Erie and New Haven.

My '43 ORER only shows the Erie flats (50 cars). Was this car produced
in quantity during WWII, or was it primarily a post war car (in
numbers produced). Does anyone know if the ATSF, B&O, and New Haven
bought these flats during'43 & '44?
Thanks for any help - trying to balance a WWII fleet.

Both the Sunshine kit insert and the Proto-west web page (http:// have fairly detailed histories for the 70 ton AAR car. From the web site I get:

ATSF (200, class Ft-V, 3/44)
DTI (50 cars, 1942)
New Haven (100, 1944)
NYC (500, 1942-43 and 500, 1950)
IHB (100, 1943)
Pere Marquette (350, WWII? and 1950?)
Wabash (50, 1944)
Baltimore & Ohio (?, 1951?)
Erie/Erie Lackawanna (200?, 1952)
CRP/CNJ (100?, date?)

I hope IM will be running other road names, and of course, undec kits, for those who cannot wait! With the paucity of WWII models of 70 ton flats (the PRR F30A is the only other one that comes to mind), these may have to be represented in higher percentages than would be seen nationally as "stand-ins" for other 70 ton flats. Clearly, the NYC fleet should be represented, perhaps by more than one car, and a DTI car can be used (perhaps with a home-road load from the Detroit Tank Arsenal? Finally, ATSF, NH, PM, Wab and CRP can be included if the dates work, however, my memory says that several of the "1944" cars were past my June cut-off so they are no-go for me.


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