Re: Galvanized roofs


I always add a bit of dark blue to the mix as most older, weathered
galvanized material has a definitive bluish hue, especially on
buildings. Mark Feddersen

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Chuck Hladik wrote:
Was in a friends workshop today and saw a spray can on a shelf,
it was CRC Industrial Zinc Re-Nu Cold Galvanize. I sprayed some
a piece of white paper (all that was available) and there it
was the
EXACT color of a new galvanized roof.
Probably newly exposed galvanized has this look for as much as
several weeks. It then gets pretty gray. Personal opinion:
modelers who
portray bright, silvery galvanized roofs haven't seen many in

Tony Thompson
My best success for this color was Floquil Old Silver and Reefer
Gray, 50/50, maybe a little more
gray. It looks gray but there is a bit of reflectivity to it.


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