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Mark Feddersen asked:
"Do any of the old Lindberg Line freight cars, specifically the wood
stock car, reefer, flat car or gon have any redeeming value as a
kitbash/update project anymore or have they been surpassed by newer

The stock car and gon represent prototypes that have not been covered
by other kits. The stock car appears to be based on an Eric Stevens
model of a 38 ft RDG prototype that appeared in "Dollar Car: Building
a Stock Car" in the September 1953 issue of Model Railroader.
Lindberg "stretched" this model to a taller 40 ft car, which
coincidentally is quite close to sevral series of MILW stock cars.
See John Swanson's "Build a Milwuakee Road Stockcar" in the January
1991 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman. A Soph Marty prototype photo
and a photo of a model that I did about ten years ago is on the pay
side of the RPI website at

The gon is an Erie prototype, 2000 built by Standard Steel Car Co. in
1923-1924. 749 were rebuilt with sawtooth hoppers in 1934. Richard
Reichenbach's did an article on these cars in a past issue of the
ELHS' publication. (My photocopy of the article has the date cut
off. Maybe one of the Erie guys can help you out with the date of
the article.) The 1925 CBC also has a builders photo of these cars.
These were large gons - 44 ft IL - and were used mainly for hauling

The flat car and reefer aren't as useful. The flat car has a very
thick deck with an integral crate load. It's different than the
Athearn flat as it has 12 stake pockets, but I really haven't put
much effort into figuring out what this model is closest to which
prototype. The steel reefer is a bigger question mark - it has 8-
panel steel sides with a rivet pattern analagous to that of an early
steel boxcar, and ends resembling pre-war Pullman proprietary ends.
I'm at a loss to what this prototype may be. The height appears to
be between that of 8 ft 7 in and 10 ft IH car, so the model might be
a starting point for a tween-war NYC auto boxcar.

All of these models were subsequently offered by Mantua in
their "Heavies" line, and some have be re-intorduced by Model Power.

Ben Hom

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