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...and a DTI car can be used (perhaps with a home-road load from the Detroit
Tank Arsenal?


I have often seen the photo of a DT&I 911 with a load of Ford industrial tractors. The car
has a reweigh date of "JX 8-55" and has a compass herald (but predates the "We Have The
Connections" slogan). The reporting marks are "DT&I" rather than "DTI". I don't have
permission to upload this photo but I know that it has appeared in more than one

When Wiking came out with their model of a similar tractor (not Fords but the Canadian-
built Fergusons - awfully, awfully close) I modeled this load using a flatcar highly
kitbashed from two Athearn 50-footers. My friends refer to this car as the "$80 load on a
$10 car." Pretty acceptable for what was available at the time but I am really looking
forward to moving the load to the IM car.

The Fallen Flags site has a photo of DTI 910 in the later scheme ("DTI" reporting marks
and slogan). It has been modified with special stake pockets which according to the DTI
equipment book were for "boat racks."

This photo is at:

Some of these DT&I cars were given Ann Arbor RR reporting marks (but retaining all other
DTI lettering including the compass heralds) for special loading. A few got bulkheads for
"hardboard" loading out of the Superwood plant in Duluth, while others were modified
with special stake pockets and moveable racks for telephone pole loading. I have a copy
of the DT&I engineering drawing for the modifications to these pole cars. I'd upload
photos of the models but this service was out of the STMFC era (1968-1972). I am hoping
that IM eventually offers the DTI paint scheme which will make it much easier to do more
of these AA cars.

Craig Wilson

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