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Steve,I have an RPI "Big Otis" that I built about twenty years ago.It is one of the finest resin cars that I have.There have been no problems such as warping or sagging.Armand Premo
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Thanks to everyone for their comments. As I'd written, the issues
were confined to two cars.

To be fair about things, the car with the sagging one-piece body is an
80' resin fish-bellied passenger coach model with separate roof. It
is moulded in a white resin, and I've a few ideas to recover the
model, as it is not offered by the manufacturer now. The roof has
stayed true, but the car shows a sag of about .075" in the centre when
the roof is installed. I feel that the issues raised with this car
may be applicable to, say, people building one-piece resin models of
mill gons in the larger scales. Then again, a sagging mill gon may
actually be desirable...

The other car kit with warpage problems is a high-sided CPR "Big Otis"
gondola car kit. It was made by F&C for RPI's model railroad shop.
It is moulded in a tan coloured resin.

The common factor seems to be that these models both have thin sides,
approx. .025" for the boards of the gon, and about .040" on the coach
sides. They also have no roof or a roof not yet attached to the car
sides. The roof of a house car would add stability to the finished

Al--I have absolutely NO issues with your Westerfield kits. I have
built many of them, and the stability of the resins used your product
has never given me any issues. And I've had the pleasure to build
everything from your early "Fowler" 36' steel-frame boxcar moulded in
a hard resin (I dare not drop it) to the NYC one-piece body steel
boxcar. All are excellent models, and I'll buy and build more of your
kits yet. Yours are the "gold standard" in resin kits. IMHO, the
only thing you'll ever have to defend is why you didn't make more
kits. (Just having a little fun with you.)

In fact, a gentleman approached me at an NMRA train show that I was
displaying and working on a few models at last Sunday. Looking at a
CN "Fowler" box car on the table, he commented on the job that I'd
done putting together a wood car kit. He was shocked to see the
Westerfield box that it came in!

Bill Darnaby's posting is instructive, in that he states that he has
assembled hundred of resin kits, and never had any issues. Perhaps I
have run into two exceptions that are best explained by those more
well versed in statistical probability, i.e. it is possible, but might
be in the order of 1/200,000, etc...(I should buy some lottery
tickets, perhaps? ;)

Another factor mentioned was the care taken by the manufacturer when
mixing and pouring the resin into the mould. This is a valid point
too, and one that the modeller can only determine by kit reviews,
their personal experience, and talking with fellow modellers.

Steve Lucas.


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